Over the past 20+ years, Tom has focused his professional career in energy and utilities in mastering the art and science of corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Along the way, he has become both an active community leader and creative problem solver. Together, Tom combines these skills and interests to help build and preserve value, facilitate change, and make strategies “stick.”

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Creative Problem

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Tom was an early adopter of the GRC movement back in the 2000’s, because it offered practitioners a systematic method for proactively addressing the growing litany of legal obligations. By applying the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” method, Tom developed and implemented several successful ethics and compliance programs to manage increasingly complex governance structures, risk portfolios, and compliance regimes.  

Today, Tom’s focus is on helping companies and communities meet their growing list of sustainability goals. By serving as a trusted adviser and applying lessons learned from his previous work, he offers a time-tested approach to integrating numerous risk management projects and programs into a cohesive framework. For example, he has improved operating efficiency and compliance effectiveness by linking and leveraging strategies, policies and procedures, controls, training, software, performance metrics and reporting. This approach provides employees with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities while also providing senior leadership and boards with improved transparency into their risk portfolio and control environment.

Whether your needs include managing economic, environmental, sustainability, health & safety, reliability, quality, cyber security, privacy, anti-corruption, third-party and critical infrastructure obligations, Tom can help build a cohesive approach that avoids duplication of effort, minimizes costs, and helps ensure effectiveness.


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Tom’s focus on community is driven by his firm belief that active engagement serves as a cornerstone to a productive and fulfilled life. By connecting directly with the people that live and work nearby, Tom has helped identify and nurture common interests in environmental protection, health and nutrition. These connections are critical when trying to better understand and manage the impact our lives have on both the natural and manmade worlds around us.

Whether it be strategic planning, fundraising, event management, financial and/or back-office support, Tom shares his open mind, positive energy and strong work ethic in support of his favorite health, environmental and land management organizations.

The following are examples of Tom’s community engagement:

Tom understands that like beautiful art or elegant design, difficult problems require innovation, creativity, and hard work to solve. By considering a problem from many different angles and assimilating knowledge from many sources, Tom has successfully designed and built a number of GRC programs as well as a local farmers market, numerous buildings, and a magical garden.

Whether it is streamlining processes with software, supporting community-based organizations, or painting with plants, Tom consistently applies his extensive project management experience and creative mind-set to construct positive and impactful experiences.


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